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Parami Protocol

We are going to a new promising land 🪄 Parami will create a brand new world to rest the universal advertising model for next-gen. Now we are eager to find our Paramillionaires to build our homeland together!

Parami has officially launched its ambassador program. And we have our early supporters & spokespersons already!

X Protocol , a Web3.0 cross chain bridges technology and onchain data analysis infrastructure, with its mainly decentralized application X predict market, a new generation platform for Prediction, announces its new strategic partnership with Parami Protocol. Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm powered by blockchain for Web 3.0.

The new strategic partnership with Parami Protocol will enhance mutual ecosystem development. Parami’s innovation in DID (Decentralized Identity ) will deliver a better DAPP user experience to users of X Predict Market while X Predict Market could leverage its user-centric advantage to offer Parami a large amount of user samples and…

Technology Progress


  • Completed the token creation interface, performed the joint debugging and testing
  • Completed the metadataSet interface, performed the joint debugging and
  • Completed token minting interface, performed the joint debugging and
  • Performed the asset transfer test


  • Deployed smart contracts on Rinkeby test network, and committed $AD3, $USDC, $USDT, $ETH test tokens into the liquidity pool
  • Communicated on the smart contract and front-end interface, optimized the front-end interface, and added Uniswap v3 protocol support
  • Modified the codes of smart contracts, fixed the bugs in the joint debugging and testing

Social media

English Telegram:33K+ Members (As…

We were delighted to be a guest to Satoshi Club. The AMA took place on July 13th, 2021. @DorianWuAD3 on behalf of Parami gave the AMA.

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello, dear Satoshi Club community! We are pleased to announce AMA with Parami.

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Our honorable guest today is @DorianWuAD3

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Welcome to Satoshi Club!

Dorian Wu: Hi everyone! Thank you both…

Step 0: Overview

This tutorial is divided into 5 steps and does not require any previous experience. Most of the steps are illustrated with screenshots.

  1. Step 1:Preparation, you will fill out a form, download a browser (if need be)
  2. Step 2:Renting a server, you will learn how to rent a cloud server (without actually paying if you use Google Cloud)
  3. Step 3:Operating the server, you will learn how to run the node program on the server
  4. Step 4:Validating the node, you will learn how to make your node a validator node and claim reward
  5. Step 5:Joining the community, stay in touch with the…

Ethan Novum [2021–06–19 00:00:15]
Greeting from Parami community
Elizabeth [2021–06–19 00:01:23]
It’s good to be here from parami community
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:02:10]
Welcome to BNUG, hope you’ve cooked informations about Parami protocol for us😎
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:02:18]
Hello @all my people I greet una from parami protocol team
It Lucky
Bayowa Sam [2021–06–19 00:02:27]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:02:27]
Sure bro
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:02:52]
Welcome oh
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:02:57]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:03:08]
Thanks Lucky for being here today as a Parami supporter and Nigerian rep!
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:03:10]
Can you introduce yourself to this…

Dev Status

Parami Node

  1. Updated dependency, using substrate master branch
  2. Fixed all test cases
  3. Initialised chain-specifications for Parami Dana testnet
  4. Prepared boot nodes for the testnet

AD3 IM Wallet

AD3 IM Wallet is a plug-in light wallet tailored for Instant Message Apps including WeChat, Telegram and Messenger.

1. Modified the interface of DID initialisation and configuration

2. Implemented the page layout of social coin list

Liquidity Mining

  1. Tested Swap interface
  2. Accomplished the code for the liquidity mining contract, added simple point unit test (see
  3. Accomplished the design and development of AD3-liquidity front-end pages
  4. Finetuned the front-end user interfaces, communicated front-end and back-end calling interfaces
  5. Deployed the liquidity mining…


AD3.0 is a native advertising system based on the Web3.0 concept. It mainly solves the following three problems:

  1. How to establish a user-centric advertising system
  2. How to gather the traffic on Web3.0
  3. How to improve the ROI of digital advertising

A User-Centric Advertising System

Parami provides users with a decentralized identity solution based on the W3C standard DID (Decentralized Identity), and aggregates users’ social media identities from other platforms and decentralized identities from other chains under this decentralized identity, so as to obtain a more complete digital identity base.

At the same time, Parami provides users with a light wallet based on social media…

Dev Status

Parami Node

  • Refactored DID pallet and implemented account recovery via social identity
  • Added swap pallet, which implements Uniswap v2 AMM, to Parami node
  • Refined social coin pallet, integrating with swap pallet
  • Added linear vesting to social coin for AD3 IM Wallet
  • Completed the front-end architect and the page layout for AD NFT

AD3 IM Wallet

AD3 IM Wallet is a plug-in light wallet tailored for Instant Message Apps including WeChat, Telegram and Messenger.

  • Finished the binding and authentication of social identities including Facebook.
  • Added mnemonic phrase for backup and account restoring
  • Set up multi-lingual and logout function


  • Completed the initial version of liquidity mining and…

Dev Status

Parami Node

  • Completed the development and testing of Bridge Parami Substrate ↔ ETH which has been deployed on testnet Dāna.
  • Drafted the advertising privacy plan, including blind signature, homomorphic public key encryption, and zero knowledge proof of user preference data.
  • Completed the development of the NFT Pallet module and added it to the main net.
  • Built parami explorer with coding 80% completed

AD3 IM Wallet

AD3 IM Wallet is a plug-in light wallet tailored for Instant Message Apps including WeChat, Telegram and Messenger.

  • Optimised user experience to generate DID
  • Upgraded the compatibility and user interface, improved the interface response speed
  • Completed the landing page of…

Parami Protocol

The Parami Team

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