Campaign | Parami Echo Event

Parami, a leading community-based project, is going to launch its first community event, Parami Echo Program. We call on Parami believers to invite fresh members who share the Parami vision from the globe.

What is Parami

Parami is to build a next-gen ADvertising model. Parami Protocol is an unprecedented privacy-protective, influence-monetizing, and attention-efficient advertising paradigm ready for the new era of Web 3.0. Empowered by blockchain, Parami team are firm believers of decentralized governance, and we value community consensus as an organic part of project. We are always in want of Parami believers to join this journey to a promising land.

Parami has officially launched Parami Echo program, calling on echoes among global Parami believers.

Event Highlights

Start: August 2nd, Monday 12:00 UTC

End: September 5th, Sunday 23:59 UTC (1 week extended)

Total Award: 2700 $AD3 ($AD3 is Parami native token)

Seats: limited for 100 qualified participants, first come first serve

How to Participate

Sign up:

We need a proof from you that you are in a group with 3k+ members (not including Parami-related groups).

Also, we are looking for regional Parami Echoers, if you are interested in helping build Russian and Turkish communities, please state that purpose when you sign up, Parami Team will contact you.


  1. Do not spam others’ community;
  2. Do not cheat, including but not limited to using robots, ghost accounts, computer programs to achieve fraudulent result;
  3. Any behavior of cheating for fraudulent result will revoke one’s qualification of any award;
  4. Key to build a healthy community is to grow with it.

How to Echo

Step 1

Join Parami telegram group

Step 2

Parami Team will contact qualified you after reviewing your responses to the form

Step 3

The administrator of Parami telegram group will add you as a “Parami Echoer”

Step 4

Click right top menu -> Add members -> Invite via Link -> Manage Invite Links -> Create a New Link -> Custom your own limit,

  • Make sure that you create one link instead of many links
  • Make sure your link won’t expire before the campaign

What you will get


Every week, Parami Echoers will be ranked by number of new members. Top 10 Parami Echoers will be awarded total 250 $AD3, distributed accordingly to their numbers. Minimum 50 new members are required to get listed in Top 10.

Four snapshots at

  1. August 13th 23:59 UTC
  2. August 20th 23:59 UTC
  3. August 27th 23:59 UTC
  4. September 3th 23:59 UTC

End of Event

At the end of the event, August 29th, Sunday 23:59 UTC, all participants will be ranked by number of new members.

  • The First Parami Echoer will be award 1000 $AD3 (minimum 3600 new members required)
  • The Second Parami Echoer will be award 500 $AD3 (minimum 2400 new members required)
  • The Third Parami Echoer will be award 200 $AD3 (minimum 1200 new members required)

The awards for the First, Second, Third Parami Echoers are separated from Weekly awards, one can be awarded multiple times as long as he/she complies with the principles.

Invitation to exclusive Paramillionaire group

The First, Second, Third Parami Echoers will be invited as Parami Community Ambassador, get to work with Parami team, know the first-hand information, have an appropriate monthly budget.

Refer to for details about Parami Ambassador Program (still open)

Keep in touch

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