Introducing ParamiMaster: the all-in-one Candy drop for you to taste the first piece of $AD3

Parami Protocol
3 min readMay 19, 2021

Now that Parami shall launch its pre-IDO on Genesis shards on 20May and its INO on DeGo.Finance, the team has meticulously developed and deployed a candy software to serve for Parami genesis community members, that is named: Parami Master. We are calling for all active users who are interested in building the future of Parami and we would like to see you join this journey with us.

Our future will be the stars and the sea, and we look forward to your participation.

If you were in a first glancing for Parami Master, the following tutorial will help to proceed step by step.

(PS: we will be pick up 800 users from Candy drop based on their point ranking, the winners will be awarded as Whitelist during our pre-ido)

*Participate in the Parami Master candy drop.

1. Add Parami Master on Telegram: Open the sharing link in Telegram
Or search for @paramiMasterBot

Enter the dialogue page to start collecting airdrop coins:

Once you have added the bot…

1.Click /Start to active the conversation with bot.
2.Click continue below to proceed to the next step

3.Please enter the text in this image.


*Join in one of the Parami official telegram group

*Join in the channel

choose to join the English or Chinese community
And follow the official channel
After the operation is complete, click Done at the bottom to continue

5. Task-02:

*Follow Twitter and Retweet
*Submit your Twitter profile link

Follow and Retweet Parami Twitter Pinned Message

Click on Twitter to open the homepage link

Submit a link to your personal Twitter profile

6. Task-03

*Submit your airdrop ETH address :

7. Share the invitation link and get more rewards:

Submit your Ethereum wallet address to get 10 AD3s,
Recommend/Invite friends to get more rewards (5 AD3): For every successful invitation, you will get 5 additional AD3!
In the drop-down menu, you can click view wallet address, Referral link and Balance.

Task-04:Share the invitation link and get more rewards.

About Parami

Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm for Web 3.0, to establish a user-centric tokenized advertising economy. AD 3.0 is the accelerator of Web3.0, fueled by Decentralized Identity (DID) and Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology stack. It aims at returning the rights and profits, which have been long exploited by Web 2.0 service providers, back to the users.

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