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Dev Status

Parami Node

  • Added swap pallet, which implements Uniswap v2 AMM, to Parami node
  • Refined social coin pallet, integrating with swap pallet
  • Added linear vesting to social coin for AD3 IM Wallet
  • Completed the front-end architect and the page layout for AD NFT

AD3 IM Wallet

AD3 IM Wallet is a plug-in light wallet tailored for Instant Message Apps including WeChat, Telegram and Messenger.

  • Finished the binding and authentication of social identities including Facebook.
  • Added mnemonic phrase for backup and account restoring
  • Set up multi-lingual and logout function


  • Investigated the mechanism and coding implementation of Uniswap V3, which has been applied to Parami liquidity mining.


  • Deployed and promoted Parami Master, a community bot for airdrops and campaigns.

(1) Community :https://t.me/vietnamtradecoin


Language or area : Vietnam

Time : 20/05/2021

Guest : Dorian WU- Co Founder of Parami

Poster: https://t.me/vietnamtradecoin/2977675

(2) Community :https://t.me/OIGmain

Members:1.3K+ Members

Language or area : English

Time : 24/05/2021

Guest : Dorian WU- Co Founder of Parami

Poster: https://t.me/OIGmain/22642


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