UPDATE | Parami Bi-Weekly (May 3–16)

Dev Status

Parami Node

  • Drafted the advertising privacy plan, including blind signature, homomorphic public key encryption, and zero knowledge proof of user preference data.
  • Completed the development of the NFT Pallet module and added it to the main net.
  • Built parami explorer with coding 80% completed

AD3 IM Wallet

AD3 IM Wallet is a plug-in light wallet tailored for Instant Message Apps including WeChat, Telegram and Messenger.

  • Optimised user experience to generate DID
  • Upgraded the compatibility and user interface, improved the interface response speed
  • Completed the landing page of DID generation campaign
  • Supported the verification and binding of social identities (Twitter, Discord, Messenger, etc.) and crypto asset address (ETH, BTC)


  • Proposed the initial scheme of social AD-NFT and AMM and completed development of basic interfaces
  • Drafted the initial plan and set the prototype for liquidity mining on ERC20.


  • Twitter: 9K+ Followers (As of 2021-May-16)
    English Telegram:10K+ Members (As of 2021-May-16) https://t.me/ParamiProtocolEN
  • Global exposure: Recently Parami has been supported by many top tier influencers. Parami was recommend by @top7ico with 85K+ Followers and Twitter @CryptoDiffer with 171K+ Followers. Korean local №1 Crypto Community & ICO Platform-cobak.co.kr posted a widely discussed article regarding the advent of AD 3.0 in Korean. (https://cobak.co.kr/community/3/post/506053
  • Regional market: Parami released the latest Press in Indonesia,Thailand and Vietnam including the Indonesian Crypto community & Media Press -cryptoiz.net, Thailand famous crypto media-bitcoinaddict.org and One of the Top 5 Vietnam Crypto Meida -coin68.com. Indonesian cryptoiz.net also released a Parami Video on Youtube.
  • Come and join us in Parami Protocol Global Community: $AD3 |Parami Protocol — English; $AD3|Parami Protocol — 中文; $AD3 |Parami Protocol — Việt Nam; $AD3 |Parami Protocol — 한국어; $AD3 |Parami Protocol — Español; $AD3 |Parami Protocol — Skandinavisk; $AD3 |Parami Protocol — Portuguese; $AD3|Parami Protocol — پاکستان ; $AD3 |Parami Protocol — Bangladeshi .

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