AMA | Parami x BNUG, June 19th

Ethan Novum [2021–06–19 00:00:15]
Greeting from Parami community
Elizabeth [2021–06–19 00:01:23]
It’s good to be here from parami community
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:02:10]
Welcome to BNUG, hope you’ve cooked informations about Parami protocol for us😎
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:02:18]
Hello @all my people I greet una from parami protocol team
It Lucky
Bayowa Sam [2021–06–19 00:02:27]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:02:27]
Sure bro
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:02:52]
Welcome oh
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:02:57]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:03:08]
Thanks Lucky for being here today as a Parami supporter and Nigerian rep!
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:03:10]
Can you introduce yourself to this group and what Parami is all about
Sunday Joshua [2021–06–19 00:03:14]
Nice to meet you Parami team.
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:03:22]
Hello guys @ BNU @ Parami team!
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:03:45]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:04:26]
Hi Dr.Abba! Thanks for attending this AMA with Parami as Parami VIP Ambassador
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:04:37]
I have much practical experience in consensus mechanism, privacy computation, cross-chain mechanism, etc.
Tobs [2021–06–19 00:04:42]
Excellent 👌
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:05:20]
Am Lucky Uwakwe the king of DeFi and NFT founder SaBi groups

Part of parami Team
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:05:45]
Welcome sire.
Tobs [2021–06–19 00:05:45]

Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:06:19]
As the tech lead of Parami, I have always been a computer enthusiast. I hold a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in software engineering. After receiving my master’s from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, I became a blockchain enthusiast and active investor since 2013.

My early purchase of Bitcoin and relevant study in academia inspired me to solve problems in a novel way. Now I am all in blockchain, co-founding Parami to explore more in the crypto world on tech side with my amazing team.
Kue Barinor Paul [2021–06–19 00:06:28]
怡沁 朱 [2021–06–19 00:06:59]
Aha greeting to the King 👑
Tobs [2021–06–19 00:07:05]
Awesome 👍
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:07:11]
@AbbGarba @Luo2027
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:07:24]
Ok sure!
怡沁 朱 [2021–06–19 00:07:37]
Hi there Dr. Abba! Thanks for being here
Emmezy KingIn 🤴 [2021–06–19 00:07:38]
Welcome All ✌
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:07:52]
Yes, please.
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:07:53]
Hello BNU once again..
🕉Adeleke Jr bhai | 🇳🇬 [2021–06–19 00:08:09]
Welcome ser
Ayodeji [2021–06–19 00:08:39]
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:08:42]
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:08:48]
Am Lucky Uwakwe the king of DeFi and NFT founder SaBi groups

Part of parami Team
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:09:08]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:09:14]
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:09:19]
My name is Abba CTO at WeBlock foundation, I am in charge of the development plan of the WeBlock products. Specifically, I am leading the works in asset on-chain optimization, smart contract code security, and the risk management of WeToken.
Tobs [2021–06–19 00:10:11]
I think we met before, nice to have you up here👍
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:10:12]
Before I joined WeBlock I have been actively participating in the Blockchain technology related research such as uses cases, security and privacy concerns of the Blockchain Applications etc.
Ikenna Nosiri [2021–06–19 00:10:32]
Brilliant steps. ..
怡沁 朱 [2021–06–19 00:11:10]
WeBlock is an early investor and truly helpful supporter of Parami. Dr. Abba and Parami team had several meetings regarding privacy and DID solutions which is the core of Parami tech stack.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:11:12]
Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm powered by blockchain for Web 3.0.
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:11:12]
Yes sure this is my second time to have the opportunity to conduct AMA in BNU group..
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:11:20]
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:11:27]
Recently I joined Parami Protocol as one of their Ambassadors.
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:11:39]
When I first learned about Parami, I was impressed by its rapid achievements and development in leading the decentralized AD3 for Web3 ecosystem. That is a human centric privacy preserving network powered by blockchain technology where users are smart-rewarded for attention and data with their sovereign identify being protected on a trust free basis.
Tobs [2021–06–19 00:11:42]
That’s right
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:11:56]
Mr. Dorian will shed more light on what Parami protocol it’s all about .
Tobs [2021–06–19 00:12:07]
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:12:31]
By joining this amazing team as an ambassador, hoping to bring more contributions by adding values from both technology and business perspectives in to Parami Project.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:12:36]
That’s how the tokens are named.
$AD3 for AD 3.0.
A for Advertising
D for decentralization and DAO

“AD3.0 is a human-centric and privacy preserving network poweredby blockchain where users are smart-rewarded for attention and data with their sovereign identity being protected on a trust-free basis.”
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:12:40]
Thank you!..
Tobs [2021–06–19 00:12:59]
怡沁 朱 [2021–06–19 00:13:43]
Thanks. Exactly!
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:14:03]
Are you ready for the questions
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:14:59]
@DorianWuAD3 @AbbGarba
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:15:02]
Let the questions flow in for the next 1min. Then I mute the group
Bayowa Sam [2021–06–19 00:15:10]
Agbaka Austin [2021–06–19 00:15:11]
What does Parami mean by “proposing AD 3.0 for Web 3.0”
Emmezy KingIn 🤴 [2021–06–19 00:15:14]
Is there any governance priviledge on your system for stakers of your token an NFT’s maybe?
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:15:16]
Q. I’ve check through the light papper, apart from Advertising, what other usecase does the Parami protocol has?
🕉Adeleke Jr bhai | 🇳🇬 [2021–06–19 00:15:22]
From your roadmap, I see that Parami protocol will support NFT in Q3 2021. In what ways will Parami support NFT?
Inemesit [2021–06–19 00:15:24]
When you say users are smart-rewarded what does that really mean?
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:15:27]
Yes! And these are our early investors.
Emmezy KingIn 🤴 [2021–06–19 00:15:29]
Have you started discussions with any potential partners or launchpad platforms?
Tobs [2021–06–19 00:15:46]
While PARAMI seems a bit complicated to be adopted in a developing environment, what is the future of PARAMI’s AD3 in the world of digital marketing, and online payment stores?
Deleke Nice [2021–06–19 00:15:50]
For a project to succeed, it must have strong partnerships and good advisors. Pls mention some of your strong partnerships and advisors? How are they contributing to the growth of Parami Protocol?
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:17:17]
Go ahead Parami team to answer the questions
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:20:10]
Parami Protocol is based on the AD3.0 paradigm proposed by the Web3.0 value concept. It constructs a user-centered next-generation general advertising model, helping to achieve a leap-forward upgrade of the original advertising system, from information interaction to value interaction (advertiser and Fully equal value interaction between users). In Parami’s “trustless” network, the user’s self-sovereign identity will become a standard feature, and it will be able to capitalize personal attention, re-measure the value of their attention, and realize this value Match with advertisers’ willingness to pay.
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:21:42]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:21:45]
Hey Bayowa, interesting questions. My formal career background helps me to raise fund at early stage and build an amazing tech team. We have a very famous Rust Engineer Mono Wang in Chinese Rust Community who is my ex-colleague. And I have tech advisors from Chinese Academy of Science and from TRON.

One of the Parami Co-founders Roy is the onwer of YFII community. He was my college friend. So yes, the connections are useful for funding Parami.

However, what’s interesting about Parami is that we stay with the users. We dont need to collaborate with any big name. We help each user to benefit directly from the time and attention they paid to the ads.
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:27:26]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:27:35]
Parami will support other DAOs as seed groups to expand DID ecosystem. Other DAOs can register on Parami and manage their DAOs on it for extra incentive.
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:28:01]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:28:17]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:31:05]
Hey think about the whole picture of personalized ads and how much percentage of income of Internet giants make from advertising! Ads is full of imagination!

Of course Parami tech can be used in many ways like personal credit since we have very abundant on-chain data given we provide DID and privacy solutions. BUT we believe LESS IS MORE. If we can do ads very well, that’s really good enough.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:31:53]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:33:40]
In Parami protocol stack, AD Privacy Layer provides a personal crypto advertising preference (PCAP) document attached to user DID, which contains user advertising privacy management service. The PCAP document works not only for payment but also for user preference data. The preserved data can be used but can not be seen.

The Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP)algorithm is used so that users can get the reward he/she deserves. The ZKP generates the corresponding proof and verifiy it on-chain to determine the reward.
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:33:45]
To add further point as Dorian have mentioned

NFT is popular today for couple of things including art and Non fungible asset, parami is using this technology to build on NFT for public display of billboards like solutions

It like owning a billboard on blockchain in NFT format and you as the owner can decide what is displayed on this public billboard while those who choose to display anything on this pay for this NFT advertising spot using AD3 token
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:34:52]
Yes. And this is our 3-layered protocol stack.
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:36:04]
Are we ready for the next round of questions
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:36:05]
This is a very good question. Let me give you a simple example the current online AD mechanism is none transparent. Advertisers are confronted with Opacity while users end-up being monetized without any gain. Another scenerio is that where users gets return parts of the profits for the adverts but still are not in charge of their own data and identity. e.g data are disparse in many apps and websites users cannot aggregated and utilized on the third party companies can benefit from it instead of a users.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:36:36]
AD3.0 is not blockchain+advertising in the traditional sense. AD3.0’s advertising is a social distribution model of the private domain traffic from users’ daily social media apps, not an ad space model in the traditional sense.

It’s for future adversiting!
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:37:06]
Yes I’m ready. How about Dr. Abba and Mr. Lucky?
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:37:14]
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:37:40]
Using parami users have absolute control over their data and identity.
Emmezy KingIn 🤴 [2021–06–19 00:37:53]
How will your project generate profits / income to sustain your project and what is the revenue model?
Sunday Joshua [2021–06–19 00:38:10]
Investors are after the price of token in short term without care about the real value of the project. Can you tell us the benefits and motivation for investors to hold your token for long term?
Ayodeji [2021–06–19 00:38:21]
According to the light paper, NPOS mining will start on Q2. What is it about exactly?
Inemesit [2021–06–19 00:38:26]
Well understood sir👏👏👏
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:38:28]
Q. To what extent is the mechanism for sharing reward controlled on the Parami ecosystem for those who give their time and attention to ads?
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:38:37]
they will get reward based on their time devoted with a particular advert…
Deleke Nice [2021–06–19 00:38:38]
Mention atleast 3 of your killer features which you are proud of which we can’t find in other projects?
🕉Adeleke Jr bhai | 🇳🇬 [2021–06–19 00:38:54]
Paramisdk exists in parami. How can I use this? I wonder if there is an easy guide for ordinary people like me to use.
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:39:13]
Ayodeji [2021–06–19 00:39:45]
Very clear.
Bayowa Sam [2021–06–19 00:39:49]
Who are your competitors in the market and what make you ahead of them? Incase if you don’t have direct competitors, how will you capture a good market share?
Inemesit [2021–06–19 00:39:52]
Nice explanation sir👏👏👏
Inemesit [2021–06–19 00:40:24]
What are the risk management policies that you’re using to safeguard user’s datas in your platform? How do you really ensure that there is a backup base to rely on in the face of any situation
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 00:41:49]
This question Dorian have answered already…
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:41:57]
Yes, this is one of our major concers. We believe if a projects want tolive long and prosper, there should be a solid ground to land the value. AD3 has real use case. Not just mining.

Price of token comes from value. The value comes from demand. As long as advertising demand exsists, the value of AD3 sustains.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:42:10]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:44:33]
I guess any REAL blockchain projects that creates value dont generate profits in traditional sense. More people get engaged and use AD3, better token price we have. It’s like win-win for every token holders.

Hold the token and the faith, and we create value together!
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:46:09]
Great question bro! Let me think of 3… too many of them…
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:47:21]
Individual user’s personal info is totally encrypted. It’s not owned by us or any party, so it may have nothing to do with getting their consensus and stuff.

Parami uses zero-knowledge proofs, blind signatures and other privacy computing techniques to build a PCAP (Personal Crypto Advertising Preference) based on user DIDs, which is a homomorphically encrypted user advertising preference profile (user profile).

Therefore, user data is usable while “invisible”, totally own by users themselves.
Kue Barinor Paul [2021–06–19 00:48:53]
Yes Sir
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:49:02]
As we progress in parami development lot of things will be made simpler

Remember our goal is for an average user to take advantage of our protocol both for advertising and NFT

More content on simplicity will also be created
Lucky [2021–06–19 00:49:49]
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:51:55]
Are the questions already answered
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:51:57]
Ok i think i got it.

We have very rich cross-chain data with higher dimension of user social graphs. They are encrypted but usable. More interaction btw users and advertisers happens, more data we have. And this makes later comers in same track difficult to surpass us.

2. Solve real problems
(1) How to gather the traffic on Web3.0
(2) How to improve the ROI of digital advertising

Parami believes that the traffic of Web3.0 is no longer the traffic aggregation based on APPs or websites, but the traffic aggregation based on people (KOL, Creator, Community Owner). Parami will provide social coin-based community member value connection for these DAOs.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:54:38]
For ROI, Parami will abstract a user preference data model based on on-chain data on this basis, which will be used for both user incentive marketing of blockchain projects and for the future entry of traditional internet products.

1. EASY TO USE — Bridge Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

Those who attempt to decentralise an economy may haven been trapped themselves into providing alternatives to existing products such as building media platforms (as Brave the browser for BAT), which wash out their blockchain native per se.

While we gazed at this uncultivated land of decentralized communities in IM apps. We can walk the newcomers through AD3 IM Wallet (a plug-in for IM Apps) which may raise their appetite for crypto asset management in near future. On this regard, we proposed blockchain-based solutions to monetising these private traffic pools and provided an incentive mechanism based on ZKP algorithm accordingly.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:55:07]
Yes. It‘s a kind of js lib for identity identification, user data fetch and update and AD display. The guide will be edited when the SDK is developed.
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:58:02]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:58:47]
Oh we have this one left i guess.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 00:59:04]
Gimme a minute. Want to cover every quesiton haha
Adebayo [2021–06–19 00:59:23]
Anyone with more questions as we begin to round up
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 01:00:08]
Q- where do I begin my journey if I want to place an ad through Parami?
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 01:05:41]
Fractal. We are better regarding use scenarios. We can be plug-in to IM Apps. And Zero Know Proof is our advantage as well.

BAT. They build Brave the browser. We want to better leverage exsisting traffic pool.

Rally. (at the application layer) We are cross-platform and cross-chain. We aggregate various IM App social identities. An influencer or creator dont have to go to one specific website.
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 01:06:17]
Which role do you play? Advertiser, influencer or a user?
Adebayo [2021–06–19 01:06:26]
Any last words from the Parami Team
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 01:07:33]
Lucky [2021–06–19 01:08:30]
A few more minutes and we give the remaining few answers
Adebayo [2021–06–19 01:08:50]
Lucky [2021–06–19 01:11:37]
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 01:14:09]
Firstly, any role shoule generate Parami DID.

As an advertiser, generate DID, confirm content, integrate our SDK to your landing page, post your ads on Parami main net via AD template.

As a common user, first generate your DID which means adding something to your profile picture. Watch ads and receive award.

As an influencer, DID, create your DAO and help your community get DID and engage in governance. Everytime they receive reward, you get some extra reward.
Adebayo [2021–06–19 01:14:20]
This AMA session was in depth a blast. Can we all appreciate them for a brilliant presentation
Dorian Wu [2021–06–19 01:14:58]
Thanks! Lovely community and quality questions!
Adebayo [2021–06–19 01:15:19]
You are welcome
Sunday Joshua [2021–06–19 01:15:21]
Thanks for the wonderful ama. Keep up with the development.
DamianMOMENT [2021–06–19 01:15:21]
Ethan Novum [2021–06–19 01:15:24]
brilliant AMA!
Aminu Ahmad [2021–06–19 01:15:34]
Thank you Parami Team. A lot of inspiration
Abba Garba (WeBlock) [2021–06–19 01:15:47]
Thanks Mr. Adebayo and the entire BNU community..
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 01:16:01]
Perfect. thanks
Deleke Nice [2021–06–19 01:16:08]
Good ama and brilliant answer. Parami team are great guys
Adebayo [2021–06–19 01:16:15]
Ayodeji [2021–06–19 01:16:31]
Hmmm… Should be fun
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 01:16:43]
Thank you too, it’s nice having you here.
Bayowa Sam [2021–06–19 01:17:23]
Thanks for the ama. Always welcome🙏
Tobs [2021–06–19 01:17:39]
ubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 01:17:43]
Least I forget, contract adress to check out AD3?
Lucky [2021–06–19 01:18:37]
Thanks to all and the awesome community
🕉Adeleke Jr bhai | 🇳🇬 [2021–06–19 01:19:34]
Thanks for the AMA. Always welcome🙏
🕉Adeleke Jr bhai | 🇳🇬 [2021–06–19 01:19:44]
Elizabeth [2021–06–19 01:19:45]
It is very enlightening, I enjoyed every bit of the time spent here.