Parami DID Account Recover

As we received a lot of feedback from users, we will help users to recover their Parami account. If you lost your account and would like to retrieve it, please follow the guide and fill in the form, we will help you recover the account ASAP.

Parami DID Account Recover Form:

What you should prepare:

1. Polkadot account

2. Signature

Step 1: Create a Polkadot account on:

  1. Click the link:
  2. Download using Chrome

3. Click Add to create an account

4. Copy and save your Mnemonic Words!!!!!

5. Name it and set the password

6. Congratulations you successfully created a Polkadot account! Please copy your address to the form

Step 2: ETH Signed Message

  1. Click this to sign:
  2. Choose the wallet you want to use to sign in

3. Copy and paste this sentence:

Parami DID Recovery.

New Account: <Fill in the Polkadot address you just created>

4. Sign using the wallet

5. Copy the signature to the form



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