Parami Office Hour

In order to give more insight to our Parami supporters and better understand the progress of our projects, we held the first Parami Office Hour and got a really good response from the community. As also we will be holding regular Office Hour every week, if you missed this time, we will see you next week.

We collect some questions as below, if you didn’t participate this time, still can review this for your convenience.

Q1: I think the community has a lot of people interested in the plan to support the parachain (Canary network) auction. Can you please clarify how to support, request to participate, benefits received if the support is successful? As well as unsuccessful? Before answering the question. Can you introduce yourself vs other members of the development team?

A1: Oh sure I’m one of the co-founders of Parami, in charge of BD and some non-tech side management. @IronMan_CH is one of our core developers and @DorianWuAD3 the tech lead

Thanks for asking! When the right time comes, we will go for the auction. In fact we can run independently without a slot. We do build on Substrate but auction is not a necessity for us.

Q2: I am an individual in the community who has been with the Parami project for a long time, now can you tell me about the upcoming plan and roadmap?

A2: Oh thanks for the support bro. You can check what’s new about Parami

And we are targeting at launching in March.. if the crypto market builds up. After months of exploration and development… (thanks for your patience) we will soon have something to show

Q3: Question about parami wallet, besides polkadot json wallet, what other wallets can support mobile phones? such as polkawallet

A3: Parami wallet just support mobile phones. it just works on mobile H5. We are connecting the mobile wallet dev to support our parami wallet. Any wallet that is able to support substrate will be easy to support us.

Q4: As far as I see now, everything is about to be completed, will a plan like TGE vs IDO happen as soon as expected, and will the Parachain auction plan keep up with the schedule of Q1 2022?

A4: The TGE vs IDO will happen soon. You know.. our primary concern is how have everyone in our community to contribute and to share Parami’s growth.

So it’s very important for us to align with the CEX, pre-sale investors, all the supporters, the eco system and everyone.. so that we can all enjoy AD3 for a long run.

Q5: Year ! Cex vs dex

What are the listings you have in your scope for tokens? Do you have any plans to list on major centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEX and DEX) that could help promote the adoption of the project itself due to exposure it gives?

A5: Of course we have conversations doing with the major CEXes.

Q6: Question about web3 ! Can you give an overview of how the project builds AD3 models on Web3? What benefits will users get?

A6: AD3 use many core techniques of WEB3.0, such as ZKP, Homomorphic encryption, Blockchain, ERC-721, ERC-20 etc.

AD3 bring ownership of PCAP(Personal Crypted Advertisemnt Profile) to use. Let normal use can benefit from PCAP of themself.

Also, AD3 bring transprency to Advertiser, for which money is paid to whom for what.

Q7: In a simple or layman language, what is the difference between web2 and web3 and what are the advantages of one over other. Thank you

A7: Hey it’s a great question bro!

First, who owns the data?

Web2: platforms (middlemen)

Web3: each user

I think Web2 users are using “applications” and have the platforms to control their identity/data, so that user data is isolated. The platforms limits the interoperability from each other because each one of them wants to make use of user data. Who has the data who makes money.

Second, where is the traffic?

Web2: media, apps

Web3: DAOs

Platforms like Youtube can no longer share a cut with the YouTubers just because they have the user information. It’s happening right now that people would rather hanging out in a DAO because they can share growth with the community. For example, you can share growth with a KOL that you follow by holding his/her NFT fragments. People in this NFT DAO make money togetherness This is what Parami is building at protocol layer.



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