Parami Office Hour | March. 10

What new questions have been asked during the office hour of the new week?

We collect some questions as below, if you didn’t participate this time, still can review this for your convenience.

Q1: As the information in the Official last week, are you thinking about IEO on CEX, or is it just a plan and will still have IDO?

A1: We are leaning towards IEO atm.

Q2: The trading volume is dropping hard.. haha I was reading this yesterday

A2: Thanks for sharing the stats. The enthusiasm towards NFT arts is obviously fading at the moment.

I think it’s all because of the liquidity. If no one’s buying, the price means nothing, right?

We need to figure out a way to make use of NFT. I mean thinking of the future scenario for NFTs

Q3: Can you briefly describe how the data security infrastructure, project assets and investors work? which individuals and organizations will take on this role.

A3: For the data on blockchain, we have the support from Substrate which is the next generation blockchain platform. It will keep the data security. Moreover, we will have ERC20 token and bridge for users to trasfer across chains.

For the data privacy, we are building the OCW(offchain worker) to calculate user related data and upload the encrypted data onchain, which will keep your data privacy.

Q4: Are you worried about problems like hacker attacks? Do you have funds to ensure the safety of investors?

A4: Yes, about the hacker attacks, we must be very careful. Unless we have audited all the code of parami mainnet, we will first build and carefully manage the bridge between ETH and our mainnet.

Q5: In addition to the community, partners are also very important to the project, besides the current partners, can you tell us which partners will parami cooperate with in the near future?

A5: Any project that wants to try the tokenized advertising compaign.

Q6: What are the competitive advantages of your project? What advantages do you have over competitors? What would be your project secure most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features, and adaptability?

A6: Web3 is a huge market, right now we have no competitors but friends. Parami is the first project that you can join without buying any tokens. For scalability, security, features, and adaptability, it depends on the Substrate framework.

We have competitors on each layer.

For DID, we are bit like $LIT, we also do decentralized identity aggregation.

At the application layer, there are more. Projects such as Rally have seen exploring social tokens.

About Parami Protocol

Parami Protocol is to build AD3.0 for Web3.0. Parami vehicles the social DAO(decentralized Anonymous Organization) for advertisement distribution and traffic aggregation. Advertisers bid and pay for social NFT owned by both influencers and DAO members, which can monetize social impact and loyalty. Integrated to mainstream IM apps, Parami Protocol allows common netizens to readily cash in their attention instead of being exploited. Parami, the easy-to-use, contribution-rewarding, breach-proof gateway into the meta-universe of web 3.0.



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