UPDATE | Parami Bi-Weekly (July 12–July 25)

Technology Progress

  1. designed the framework of DID-based AD3.0 advertising and marketing system version 2, discussed the future expandability, and completed the preliminary DID integration solution
  2. designed the scheme of on-chain storing and utilizing user marketing preference
  3. completed the overall development of Uniswap-V3-based liquidity mining scheme for high asset turnover ratio, initialized black box testing
  4. completed the development and deployment of the cross-chain bridge from ETH to Parami’s mainnet, with emphasis on support for Substrate 4.0
  1. fixed some bugs in the user experience
  2. refactored the code of the communication to minimizing the computing resources
  3. redesigned some processes and layouts of the user interface to deliver better experience

About Parami

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