UPDATE | Parami Bi-Weekly (July 26–Aug 8)

Technology Progress

  1. completed testing $AD3 for liquidity mining on Ethereum, and deployed it to the test network Rinkeby
  2. added the attenuation feature of tag ranking in PCAP(Personal Crypto Advertising Preference), as determined by on-chain Governance.
  3. completed all basic tag descriptions on the chain, callable by all clients

IM Wallet

  1. completed the deployment of the new servers, added the new recovery_link page for recovery of web wallet
  2. completed the interfaces for Advertiser, interface for Users and Ads, deployed corresponding services
  3. completed the encoding and decoding feature of PDID(Parami Decentralized IDentity) based on user avatars

Social Media


  1. Aug 2, Parami Echo Event launched, everyone in a community over 3K+ can join the program and win unlocked token awards, details here
  2. Aug 1, Parami Russian Telegram group launched. Hosted by two Russian-speaking Paramillionaire @@fifchikus and @maksimukr1989, join us here
  3. July 29, Parami Class #101 posted its first volume, as an educational comic series, Parami Class 101 will continue topics like web3, privacy-computing, self-governances
  4. July 29, Parami reaches partnership with X Protocol, a Web3.0 cross-chain bridges technology and on-chain data analysis infrastructure, with its next-generation prediction market X Predict Market to enhance mutual development of Web 3.0 ecosystem, details here
  5. The first round of Ambassador Interview is over. We selected around 15 Community, Social, and Popular Paramillionaires. The second batch interview is ongoing. Recent applications will be expecting 1–2 weeks for a reply.
  6. July 31, selected Ambassadors have convened the 1st Paramillionaire Whisper of, Ethan briefed the workflow, we discussed common and peculiar pets for fun.
  7. July 27, Parami Protocol had an AMA with DuckDAO, recap here

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