UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Sept 6 — Sept 12)

Technological Progress

  1. finished developing Magiclink on-chain features, the front and back-end joint testing initialized;
  2. finished developing social NFT module, testing scheduled next week;
  3. upgraded the architecture of the wallet module for better stability and maintainability, and optimized the IM wallet for better user experience;
  4. developing ETH asset analysis algorithm, grounding for the on-chain DID and privacy calculation module
  5. upgraded the development framework to the latest Substrate 4.0

Social Media

  • Telegram (English):89.1K+ Members (As of Sept 12, 2021)
  • Discord:565 members (As of Sept 12 th, 2021)


2.The first round of Parami Ambassador Program is over, the second interview is underway. Good works will be displayed on Parami Twitter. The second round of interviews is ongoing. The overall position is 15–20, admission on a rolling basis.

Infographics by Parami Ambassador @ritabell_anders

3. Parami Community is having a nice growth, Twitter followers reached 67k, Telegram members reached 100k. Let’s all cheer for the upcoming #gem project!

About Parami

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