UPDATE | Parami Weekly (April. 26- May. 9)

Technology Progress

  • Meta Astro ERC-721 NFT, main net launch campaign
  • Official Website
  • Parami Protocol
    1. Chain
    2. Solution
    3. Doc


  1. We are thrilled to announce that the first spiritual identity #NFT #soulbound to users in #Web3 by @ParamiProtocol has finally launched! Through MetaAstro, users may generate unique natal charts based on their birth date! If you are interested in the astrolabe NFTs, please follow @MetaAstroDAO & Join their TG: http://t.me/paramimetaastro
  2. Parami held a ‘Finding Hidden #Gem #NFTs’ with Twitterscan on Twitter Space,receiving great feedback from the community.

Social media

  • Twitter: 85.5 K+ followers (As of May 9th, 2022)
  • Telegram (English):73.3K+ Members (As of May 9th, 2022)
  • Discord:2510 members (As of May 9th, 2022)

About Parami Protocol

Parami Protocol is to build AD3.0 for Web3.0. Parami vehicles the social DAO(decentralized Anonymous Organization) for advertisement distribution and traffic aggregation. Advertisers bid and pay for social NFT owned by both influencers and DAO members, which can monetize social impact and loyalty. Integrated to mainstream IM apps, Parami Protocol allows common netizens to readily cash in their attention instead of being exploited. Parami, the easy-to-use, contribution-rewarding, breach-proof gateway into the meta-universe of web 3.0.



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