UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Aug 23— Aug 29)

Technological Progress

Social Media


1.Aug 25, the Cryptonauts Youtube Channel posted Parami Protocol: Revolutionizing Digital Identities and AD 3.0. Cadets, assemble and 📺watch here!

2. Aug 26, Parami Protocol partnered with 1Sol Protocol. 1sol is a cross-chain DEX aggregator for decentralized protocols on Solana, enabling the most seamless, efficient, and protected operations in DeFi. The shared vision of a healthy DAO will land on effective community governance by the way of social NFT fractionalization 👉 link

3. Aug 26, Parami Protocol was mentioned as an example of WEB3 gem project in a writing about the imminent bullish marketing by entrepreneurs.com read 📰

About Parami

Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm for Web 3.0, to establish a user-centric tokenized advertising economy. AD 3.0 is the accelerator of Web3.0, fueled by Decentralized Identity (DID) and Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology stack. It aims at returning the rights and profits, which have been long exploited by Web 2.0 service providers, back to the users.

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