UPDATE | Parami Weekly (July 8th — July 11th)

Technology Progress

Meta Astro ERC-721 NFT, main net launch campaign

  • UI enhancement on mint page

Official Website

Parami Protocol

  • Chain
  • POA relative operation practise
  • Add or remove validator
  • Make sure the meaning of pallet-staking, pallet-session, etc in POA
  • Make sure gas fee’s distribution logic and owner
  • Trouble shooting the “staking election failed” root cause
  • FIXed: failure when staking
  • FIXed: Bug when importing NFT
  • FIXed: Bug when binding ethereum
  • WNFT’s complete front end
  • Solution
  • Economic model of WNFT collection’s minting and participating

Social media

  • Twitter: 83.2 K+ followers (As of July 11th, 2022)
  • Telegram (English):65.5+ Members (As of July 11th, 2022)
  • Discord:4283 members (As of July 11th, 2022)



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