UPDATE | Parami Weekly (March. 21- March. 28)

Technology Progress

Improved UI/UX


a. Finished integration between front end and chain for homomorphic encryption PCAP solution

b. Finished testing and verification for homomorphic encryption PCAP solution

c. Merged creating stash account and DID creation

d. Supported fee-less recovery from MagicLink

e. Supplemented monitor metrics for chain nodes

f. Upgraded OCW unsigned transaction mechanism to avoid security flaw

g. Ethereum NFT creating DAO

2. Reviewing Ethereum contract part

h. Supported more SNS in Parami Browser Plugin

i. Supported jumping to block browser wallet from transaction hash

j. Fixed bugs encountered during Airdrop campaign

2. Fixed incomplete recovery link

a. Passed review running DAO from Ethereum NFT

a. List

Social Media

About Parami Protocol

Parami Protocol is to build AD3.0 for Web3.0. Parami vehicles the social DAO(decentralized Anonymous Organization) for advertisement distribution and traffic aggregation. Advertisers bid and pay for social NFT owned by both influencers and DAO members, which can monetize social impact and loyalty. Integrated to mainstream IM apps, Parami Protocol allows common netizens to readily cash in their attention instead of being exploited. Parami, the easy-to-use, contribution-rewarding, breach-proof gateway into the meta-universe of web 3.0.



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