UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Sept 13— Sept 19)

Technological Progress

  1. restructured the accounts creating and restoring procedure, MagicLink feature added;
  2. refactored $AD3 and social NFT fragments transferring features for a smooth experience and better maintainability, transaction history now supported;


  1. transplanted Airdrop, Swap, DID, AD modules to the latest development environment;
  2. fixed bugs from previous versions, program reinforced in robustness and ready for agile development;


  1. refactored the front-end of liquidity mining, redesigned the element and layout for a brand new interface, optimized the workflow for simpler interaction.

Social Media

  • Telegram (English):108.4 K+ Members (As of Sept 19th, 2021)
  • Discord:643 members (As of Sept 19th, 2021)


Good news is that the Parami Bounty Quiz #3 is online, in 24 hours!


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