UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Sept 13— Sept 19)

Technological Progress

IM wallet

  1. restructured the accounts creating and restoring procedure, MagicLink feature added;
  2. refactored $AD3 and social NFT fragments transferring features for a smooth experience and better maintainability, transaction history now supported;


  1. transplanted Airdrop, Swap, DID, AD modules to the latest development environment;
  2. fixed bugs from previous versions, program reinforced in robustness and ready for agile development;


  1. refactored the front-end of liquidity mining, redesigned the element and layout for a brand new interface, optimized the workflow for simpler interaction.

Social Media

  • Twitter: 108.7 K+ followers (As of Sept 19th, 2021)
  • Telegram (English):108.4 K+ Members (As of Sept 19th, 2021)
  • Discord:643 members (As of Sept 19th, 2021)


1.Last week, we had 2 Parami Bounty Quizs on Twitter, each $100 giveaway for 5 winners with correct answers, winners see
#1 https://twitter.com/ParamiProtocol/status/1438063632672333833
#2 https://twitter.com/ParamiProtocol/status/1438744764757598226

Good news is that the Parami Bounty Quiz #3 is online, in 24 hours!


About Parami

Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm for Web 3.0, to establish a user-centric tokenized advertising economy. AD 3.0 is the accelerator of Web3.0, fueled by Decentralized Identity (DID) and Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology stack. It aims at returning the rights and profits, which have been long exploited by Web 2.0 service providers, back to the users.

Glab to meet you at

Website | Telegram | (New!)Russian community | Twitter | Medium | Github | Discord




The Parami Team

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Parami Protocol

Parami Protocol

The Parami Team

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