Why use Substrate

Parami Protocol uses Substrate as the blockchain development framework, mainly for two reasons. The core functions are integrated in a modular way, so developers can customize it according to their business logic and quickly set up the chain, which greatly saves the development cycle and development process, and can achieve the real sense of “one key to set up the chain”. In addition, Substrate’s forkless upgrade, cross-chain, on-chain governance, off-chain workers, and other features are extremely disruptive technology innovations.

On the ecological level, the number of Polkadot eco-developers and projects is growing rapidly. As of mid-October this year, cryptocurrency venture capital firm Outlier Ventures released a report showing that Polkadot development activity in the blockchain space has grown significantly over the past year, with a 44% increase. The number of Polkadot-related projects as of November 20 is 296. The Web3 Foundation currently funds over 100 projects, most of which are related to Polkadot or Substrate. In terms of eco-applications, there are nearly 100 projects based on Substrate.



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